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The crypto wallet with 12% rewards to buy, send, spend, earn, and collect NFTs on the Celo blockchain.

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Get 12% rewards

If you like weekly crypto rewards, Valora is for you.

Buy crypto

Get crypto for near-zero fees or transfer from an exchange.

Send crypto

Send to virtually anyone, anywhere - even if they don’t have a crypto wallet.

Explore dapps

Connect to Celo dapps to explore NFTs, travel, finance, and more.

The wallet that wants you to win

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Super fast

Get more done in less time. Transact instantly on Valora.

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Super low fees

Gas fees of $0.001 mean you can use your crypto as often as you want.

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Super secure

You are the only one with keys to your wallet. Nobody, not even Valora, can access your funds.

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Super mobile

No more 42 character wallet addresses, all you need is a phone number.

Valora is available in over 100 countries

Go from zero to crypto in just a few steps







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