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If you can text, you can crypto

Easy to access, easy to understand, easy to grow. Get your Valora wallet and step into the future of crypto.

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Get rewarded with crypto weekly

Don’t just hold your crypto, make it work for you. Right now, we’re giving you 50% annual rewards on your stablecoin balance. And no, that zero after the five is not a typo. Learn more.

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Earn 50% interest on every dollar

Go mobile, go global

Start transacting with 6 billion other smartphone users around the world from your phone and on the go.

No more long wallet addresses and no more intermediaries. Just you, your phone number, and a lot of crypto on an excitingly intuitive interface.

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Stop paying high fees for crypto

Transact in seconds — at a fraction of the cost of other crypto platforms. See for yourself.


Your crypto under your control

No one, not even Valora, can gain access to your account. Just don't put your Recovery Phrase in your Twitter bio.


The unblocked blockchain

Valora is built on Celo, a carbon-negative blockchain that believes the world of crypto should include the whole world. You can unlock the financial opportunities of crypto in Valora with Celo stablecoins (cUSD & cEUR), as well as Celo’s native token (CELO).

As the Celo ecosystem grows, so does the value of its native token (CELO). Millions of people already own CELO worldwide, and you can too with Valora.


Go from zero to crypto in just a few steps

  1. Download the Valora app

  2. Connect your phone number

  3. Set up your Recovery Phrase

  4. Buy crypto

  5. Get rewards automatically

  6. Then send, spend, and grow your crypto with ease

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