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Add funds without fees in over 100+ countries with Ramp

August 19, 2021facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

In our bid to make cryptocurrency more accessible, Valora now offers a free cash in option via Ramp. Buying crypto has never been easier; straight from your bank account if you’re in Europe, and with your credit or debit card in other countries serviced by Ramp - including the US!

At Valora, we want to help crypto reach the most people in the most transparent way. We know that the barriers to entry in the space can be intimidating — high fees, slow transactions, new terminology and slang... the list goes on — so we’re determined to tear them down. That’s why we’re continuing to offer near-zero transaction fees, and are now focusing on eliminating the charges incurred to move money into your wallet, which are quite high in many cases. Our partnership with Ramp means you can start experiencing the power of crypto today for next to no cost — which is pretty unique.

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Barriers to entry in crypto

As a mobile-first crypto wallet, Valora is all about accessibility. We want people to get involved, and that starts by making sure everyone can buy and use crypto as easily as possible, without high fees. Ramp gets it. Their mission is to empower people to participate in open networks, just like us. We’re so excited about this ongoing partnership within the Celo ecosystem — together, Valora and Ramp are able to realize this shared goal much faster. That’s what the crypto industry and blockchain technology is all about: strength, safety and speed in numbers. 

Find out how to add funds in Valora here.

This is just the beginning. We’re working hard to bring Valora to people around the world. Every step we take is a step towards making crypto more affordable and accessible to the communities that could benefit from blockchain technology.

Download Valora for Android and IOS today and add funds for free with Ramp.

August 19, 2021

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