Listen Now: Valora CEO Jackie Bona on the Last Mile DeFi Podcast

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Tune in today to catch Valora CEO Jackie Bona on the latest episode of the Last Mile DeFi podcast.

Jackie joined Ethereum Foundation Researcher Marcus AM on the latest episode of the Last Mile DeFi Podcast this week to discuss Valora, the challenges of building wallets for mass adoption in Latin America, and the future role wallets will play in our digital lives. The episode is now available on all your favorite podcast streaming services: 

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The Last Mile DeFi podcast focuses on the opportunity for DeFi to empower underbanked communities in the global south, strategies for expanding the practical use of cryptocurrency in emerging economies, and how Web3 companies and protocols can drive the onboarding of the next billion people into the space. 

In the episode, Jackie and Marcus begin by discussing her professional journey from Google, Twitter, and Spotify, to being drawn to the Celo ecosystem and the founding of Valora. They cover the origins and growth of the Valora - from field testing in refugee camps and rural Latin America, to becoming the leading wallet on Celo today, and the challenges of building crypto solutions for emerging markets. 

Enjoy the podcast episode today on your favorite streaming platform - and send us your questions by tweeting us at @Valora, and Marcus at @marcusdotam.

April 6, 2023

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