New dapps = new ways to use your crypto

March 4, 2022facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

You’ve been piling up Supercharge rewards, now it’s time to use your crypto. If you want to get the most out of your crypto, we’ve got you covered. Open the Valora app and head to our new Dapps Page where you can connect to over 20 dapps on Celo with a simple tap. That’s over 20 new ways to explore opportunities in Web3 like swapping tokens, buying flights, and managing NFTs.


  • Bidali: Purchase gift cards from all your favorite brands

  • Celo Tax: Analyze your transactions for taxes or accounting

  • Celo Tracker: Manage your Celo Portfolio from DeFi to NFTs

  • ChiSpend - Super App: Spend your cryptocurrency on real world products and services

  • Flywallet: Book flights around the world with cUSD and cEUR

  • GoodGhosting: Gamified DeFi pools that reward regular savers

  • ImmortalDAO Finance: Bond and Stake your IMMO tokens to earn rewards

  • impactMarket: Support communities in need and alleviate poverty

  • Mento-fi: Exchange between Celo native currencies with Mento

  • Mobius: Swap stablecoins and earn rewards on your crypto

  • Moola: Lend, borrow, or add to a pool to earn rewards

  • Niftydrop: Distribute NFTs to friends and customers

  • Nomspace: Create a unique username for your Celo addresses

  • Pinnata: Cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol on Celo

  • Revo: Easy yield farming with auto compound interest

  • Swap Bitssa: The global platform for exchanging stablecoins to fiat currencies

  • Symmetric: Swap stablecoins and earn rewards on your crypto

  • Talent Protocol: Professional network where you can support talent

  • Trelis Pay: Easily accept cStable payments on your dapp or website

  • Ubeswap: Swap any token, enter a pool, or farm your crypto

Eager to dive in and start using your crypto? Head over to the Dapps Page in our app and we’ll help you get started with the latest and greatest opportunities in the Celo ecosystem. 

Then let us know what you think! Tell us which dapp is your favorite by tweeting to us @ValoraApp.

Happy dapp exploring!

March 4, 2022

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