Getting your project listed in Valora

Do you want to include your dapp on our Valora Dapps Page to showcase it in front of hundreds of thousands of mobile users worldwide?

Valora submissions are typically reviewed on the following:

  1. Dapp listing guidelines – Make sure your dapp complies with the listing guidelines described below. If you are interested in chatting with our team about your launch plans for your dapp while you're building it, please reach out to When you are ready, please follow these instructions on our Github to submit a PR*. You can check the full list of dapps listed on Valora here.

  2. Asset listing guidelines – If your dapp has its own Celo ERC-20 asset associated with it, check the asset listing requirements below. To list an asset, please follow these instructions on our Github to submit a PR*. You can check the full list of assets supported on Valora here.

Our team will review your submission, this process might take up to 5 business days. For us at Valora, the safety and convenience of our users are of paramount importance. The Valora team manually reviews each submission and only approves projects that adhere to our security and UX standards.

Please keep in mind that submitting a PR doesn’t guarantee that your dapp or asset will be listed. If you have any technical questions, feel free to reach out to our team on #dapp-dev

*Not sure how to submit a PR in Github? Our ninja engineer Jean prepared a tutorial to do so. Check it out here.

Dapp listing guidelines

With the Dapps Page, we strive to take our users on a journey to discover projects built by the Celo community. We also want to ensure that our users always have safe and delightful experience when interacting with dapps in Valora.

Please keep in mind that submitting your dapp for review does not guarantee listing on Valora's Dapps Page. We have put together guidelines you can follow to ensure your project is in compliance with Valora's requirements for listing. Following these criteria will significantly increase your chances to get listed:

  1. Easily connects to Valora – First and foremost, your project requires connecting to the wallet, it must connect to Valora seamlessly. To achieve that, your dapp must support WalletConnect V1 or DAppKit. Our recommendation is to use the latest version of react-celo.

  2. Optimized for mobile – Valora is an app for users who use phones as their primary and often only way to interact with the digital world. This means that your dapp must present a delightful user experience on mobile devices.

  3. App store compliant – Since users get Valora through either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, the dapp must also comply with each of the stores' guidelines (linked above).

  4. Provide user documentation - Valora will not be responsible for supporting users with questions about your dapp. Be sure to provide your own support contact, Discord channel, FAQs, user docs, etc.- 

If your dapp doesn’t meet these initial requirements, it cannot be listed in Valora's Dapps Page. Additionally Valora may:

  • Request proof that the dapp’s contracts are audited by a reputable third party.

  • Check which integrations are anonymized and which are not.

The Valora team reserves the right to delist any dapp they find does not adhere to the above requirements or raises separate concerns, such as regulatory and legal compliance. 

Please consider including a user-guide on how to get started with your dapp. We have summarized Best Practices for User Documentation below to help dapps author user guides that we think will be effective.

Asset listing guidelines

Our asset listing process focuses on safeguarding users against rug pulls and other negatively impactful events. We put a lot of trust in our dapps but must all adhere to specific reviews for everyone’s safety and security. Valora may decide to delist any asset we suspect may be involved in malicious activity.

  • Assets must be reviewed and approved by at least one partner organization such as known DEXes, NFT marketplaces, Celo Foundation program, etc., or

  • Assets that are natively supported and eligible for CELO-specific programs or infrastructure requirements.

Best Practices for User Documentation

Provide the best user experience by covering pertinent information a first-time user would need to fully and successfully utilize your dapp. This information should be easy to locate and access within the dapp.

Suggested outline

Intro. A short paragraph that answers the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this dapp?

  • What can I do with this dapp?

  • Why would I want to use this dapp?

Instructions. Provide basic step-by-step instructions on how to use the dapp. This can include:

  • Written instructions.

  • Illustrative screenshots from your dapp, Valora, or other wallets or dapps.

  • Video instructions. Video instructions do best with audio or subtitles that explain what is happening in the video.

Known gotchas. If you anticipate sources of confusion or have identified certain buggy cases, you should share any clarifications or workarounds. You might also want to consider:

  • Defining terms specific to defi or web3.

  • Sharing a way users can get support from your team. This can be on any channel, including Discord, email, Twitter, etc.

Examples. The above is a suggested template, but there are many ways to provide excellent docs. Below are some examples of approaches a dapp could take to provide help to their users: