Dapp listing guidelines

For us at Valora, the safety and convenience of our users are of paramount importance.

With the Dapps page, we strive to take our users on a journey of discovery of projects build by the Celo community. We also want to ensure that our users always have safe and delightful experiences.

To this end, the Valora team will manually review each submission and only approve projects that adhere to our security and UX standards.

Please keep in mind that submitting your dapp for review does not guarantee listing on the Dapps page. We have put together guidelines you can follow to ensure your project is in compliance with Valora's requirements for listing. Following these guidelines will significantly increase your chances to get listed:

  1. First and foremost, if your project requires connecting to the wallet, it must connect to Valora seamlessly. To achieve that, your Dapp must support WalletConnect V1 or DAppKit (see the latest 3.0.0 version of use-contractkit)

  2. Valora is a mobile app for users who use mobile phones as their primary and often only way to interact with the digital world. This means that your dapp must be optimized for usage on mobile devices.

  3. Since users get Valora through Google Play Store or Apple Store, the dapp must also comply with the guidelines of these stores (linked above).

If your dapp doesn’t meet these three initial requirements, it won’t be listed in the Dapps page. The Valora team reserves the right to delist a listed dapp, if it determines that the dapp doesn’t adhere to the above requirements or for any other reason it may determine in its sole discretion.

Additionally, from time to time, the Valora review team might request from the dapp development team additional information, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Proof that the dapp’s contracts are audited by a reputable third party.

  • Verification of developers’ identity (e.g., by completing KYC or a video call with a member of the Valora review team.

Steps to submit your dapp for review:

To submit your dapp for review, please follow the steps described here. Please keep in mind that submitting a PR doesn’t guarantee that your dapp will be listed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Discord.