A Crypto Gift Guide Everyone Will Love

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A Crypto Gift Guide Everyone Will Love

This year, don’t just give your friends and family a gift; introduce them to the world of crypto. With reward incentives, climate initiatives, and impact NFT projects, you are sure to find a gift that everyone will love. 


  • Stable Coins - Not all that glitters is gold: Invite your friends to explore the world of stable assets - and get rewards.

  • ReFi La La - Your chance to give back this holiday season: Discover a host of ReFi initiatives available on Celo.

  • Crypto Wallets -  Let it snow savings: Invite your family and friends to safe and accessible ways to earn crypto.

  • Popular Assets - A token of appreciation: If you don’t have time to wrap a gift, sending your friend or loved one a popular token like ETH or BTC is a great alternative.

  • NFTs - For your naughty, nice, and non-fungible friends: Send your loved ones a unique collectible with extra significance.

  • Web3 Social - Spread holiday cheer where all can hear: Tired of the noise on centralized social media? Send your season’s greetings on these privacy and collectible-friendly networks. 

Stable Coins - Not all that glitters is gold

Not all that glitters is gold, but popular USD-pegged stablecoins like Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Dai (DAI), and even PayPal's PYUSD are backed by the US dollar, gold, and other commodities. For your friends and family who might be eager to research and explore new financial opportunities, a self-custody wallet is a great way to ease into the world of stable assets, even those still new to crypto. 

With Valora, you can enjoy very low transaction fees when sending stablecoins like the Celo Dollar (cUSD), cEUR, cREAL, and now Mento eXOF, a stablecoin tied to the CFA franc which is shared by 14 countries in Africa. 

ReFi La La - Your chance to give back this holiday season

The holidays are the perfect time to give back. ReFi, or regenerative finance, is all about improving our communities, the environment, and the world. For loved ones in search of exciting initiatives to support, Celo recently launched GENZERO, an on-chain climate action campaign in partnership with Time and ValuesCo. 

Over 100+ high-profile influencers, brands, and NGOs encourage you to take part in this gamified initiative. Join the action!

And don’t forget, Valora offers a host of ReFi Dapps - check out amazing projects like EthicHub and ImpactMarket  - where you can give a gift that earns rewards while supporting a good cause. 

Crypto wallets - Let it snow savings!

When your network hears “crypto,” they’re probably not thinking of low-risk opportunities to get rewards and save money using crypto wallets. 

For rewards that are SUPERcharged: There are few things more exciting than watching your savings grow. With Valora, you can offer them a way to boost savings with 12% annual rewards.

All you need to do is download Valora, confirm your phone number, and add funds to your account to become eligible.

Popular Assets - A token of appreciation

Looking to show a token of appreciation? Like holiday spirit, assets like ETH and BTC are soaring in popularity right now! If you don’t have time to wrap a gift, sending your friend or loved one a ~token~ of appreciation is a great alternative.

Now available in Valora: Sharing a token like wBTC or wETH can introduce your loved ones to some of the most popular crypto assets. It’s more than just a gift – it’s an opportunity to help people learn more about crypto and Web3. Many people start their crypto journeys after learning or receiving some from friends and family. Your gift can be the gateway to exploring a wide variety of DeFi opportunities. 

Wallets like Valora allow you to easily swap between your favorite assets and stablecoins, a great way to start building a portfolio.

NFTs - For your naughty, nice, and non-fungible friends

Gifting your family and friends a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) (or even their first NFT!) is something they will truly appreciate. It’s like gifting a unique piece of art or a collectible, but in a new digital form. There are amazing projects out there, but if you are searching for a gift with additional significance, Celo-built projects are the way to go.

Built on Celo: Check out new finds from Mintdropz, Steward, or Ecosapiens’ carbon-offsetting Celosapien NFTs.

Web3 Social - Spread holiday cheer where all can hear!

For your friends interested in discovering and exploring new social media channels, Web3 platforms offer an increased focus on ownership and security. 

For privacy: Social networks like MINDS are dedicated to internet freedom and creator monetization., a publishing platform built on Ethereum, is focused on both user privacy and decentralization. You publish it - you own it, and all posts are collectible!

You can’t access these on Valora yet…but if you want to see us integrated with additional platforms, let us know on X or submit a feature request!


This year, don’t just buy a present - share an experience by introducing your friends and family to the many opportunities available in the world of crypto.

There is still much to explore in Web3. We hope you refer your friends and family to trusted projects that will continue the gift of giving into the new year.

Have more ideas for crypto gifting? Share them with @Valora on X!

20 décembre 2023

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