Valora unlocks Web3 on Celo

Right now you can easily buy, store, send, spend, and earn crypto, all in Valora. With our new Dapps Page, you can connect to other dapps in the Celo ecosystem that allow you to lend, borrow, buy NFTs, stake, swap, play games, and more. 

Valora acts as your single sign-on to these dapps, providing you with a gateway to Web3. And as our Dapps Page expands, you’ll be connected to even more possibilities. The great thing about using dapps built on Celo is that it’s fast and affordable, with 5-second block times and transaction fees of less than $0.01.

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Dapps in Valora

  • Ubeswap
    Swap any token, enter a pool, or farm your crypto

  • Moola
    Lend, borrow, or add to a pool to earn rewards

  • Bidali
    Purchase gift cards from all your favorite brands

  • Symmetric
    Access DeFi with a unique risk fund for added safety

  • Mobius
    Swap stablecoins and earn rewards on your crypto

  • Celo Tracker
    Manage your Celo Portfolio from DeFi to NFTs

  • Celo Tax
    Analyze your transactions for taxes or accounting

  • impactMarket
    Support communities in need and alleviate poverty

  • Nomspace
    Create a unique username for your Celo addresses

  • Mento-Fi
    Exchange between Celo native currencies with Mento

  • Pinnata
    Cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol on Celo

  • Flywallet
    Book flights around the world with cUSD and cEUR

  • ImmortalDAO Finance
    Bond and Stake your IMMO tokens to earn rewards

  • Swap Bitssa
    The global platform for exchanging stablecoins to fiat currencies

  • Trelis Pay
    Easily accept cStable payments on your dApp or website

  • ChiSpend - Super App
    Spend your cryptocurrency on real world products and services

  • Talent Protocol
    Professional network where you can support talent

  • GoodGhosting
    Gamified DeFi pools that reward regular savers

  • Revo
    Easy yield farming with auto compound interest

  • Niftydrop
    Distribute NFTs to friends and customers

  • NFT Viewer
    View your NFT collections

  • Doni
    Raise funds for causes that matter

  • Cyberbox
    ReFi NFT Marketplace

  • alities
    NFTs and Proof-of-Belonging badges for impact-driven communities

  • ChurritoFi
    Staking CELO made easy

  • Plastiks
    Utility NFTs for plastic recovery

  • Qavah
    Decentralized and free-of-charge crowdfunding platform

  • ReSource
    Stake SOURCE to help collateralize credit lines for regenerative businesses on ReSource

  • EthicHub
    Lend affordable capital to unbanked farmers

  • Mezumo
    Buy tokens over time using a simple strategy called Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

  • Uniswap
    Swap tokens or earn yield by providing liquidity

  • Staked Celo
    Stake Celo and earn rewards while keeping your assets liquid

  • Pixpress
    Swap any amount of any crypto assets with others peer-to-peer and earn rewards

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