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Create A Valora Account

To get started, please download the Valora app. It is available in the Play Store and the App Store (links available on our home page).

Once you’ve downloaded Valora you can open it and start the process for creating your Valora account:

  1. Fill in your name and phone number.

  2. Create a PIN.

    1. You will need your PIN whenever you make a transaction, so make it memorable but not easy to guess.

  3. Phone Number Confirmation/Verification

    1. You will need to confirm your own phone number if you wish to send funds directly to the phone number of your friends and family members. You can learn more about phone number confirmation below

    2. Once your number is confirmed, you can sync your contact information.

  4. Set up your Account Key (very important)

    1. Set this up before funding your account. Check out the instructions below.

    2. Read more about what your Account Key is and why it is important.

Phone Number Confirmation

Why should I confirm my phone number?

Confirming your phone number allows you to send funds to anyone simply by using their phone number (even if they haven’t signed up for Valora yet).

Confirming your phone number in Valora verifies the link between your phone number and Valora account within the Celo Network.

What is happening when I confirm my phone number?

To confirm your number you’ll receive 3 text messages (SMS) with encrypted codes that only you could have received at your phone number. Once your Valora app confirms these messages, your phone becomes verified on the platform.

Does confirmation cost anything?

Nope! If you are using version 1.5.0 and above the phone number confirmation (verification) process is free.

Sync your phone’s contact information

One of the great things about Valora is the ability to send funds to anyone by entering their phone number. You can make this process easier by syncing your contacts in Valora so you can look up people by typing their name in Valora.

Account Key Setup

The Account Key setup is the most important step for security, so it’s best to complete the setup as soon as possible. Your Account Key is the only way to gain access to your account. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and store your Account Key in a safe place.

The process involves writing down 24 random words in a specific order, and you will want to find a secure place to store it before getting started.

  1. Write down a numbered list from 1-24 on a piece of paper.

  2. Enter the Account Key Setup during your account creation process. You can also access the setup via Menu > Account Key.

  3. Once prompted, write down your 24-word Account Key on your numbered list. Remember to double-check for spelling, and then continue to the next screen. 

  4. You’ll be prompted to input your Account Key to make sure you have written it down correctly. Confirm you have written down your Account Key by tapping the words the correct order.

  5. Keep your written Account Key in a safe, private location that is easily accessible by you in case you need to restore your Valora account.

  6. That's it!

Learn more about Account Keys.

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