How do I calculate my taxes for Valora?

We’re sorry! Valora cannot offer tax or legal advice. This is because the tax treatment of  self-custodied crypto assets held in an unhosted wallet, like Valora, is specific to each jurisdiction. This will also apply to users or merchants who currently use Valora to accept payments. If you are in this situation then you may have to record and pay taxes separately from the app. Please consult with your own tax professional for tax advice.

If you are looking for a CSV* of your transaction history, you can find a download link in the Celo Explorer:

  1. Enter your Valora Account Number (also known as your Celo Address) in the search bar and hit Enter

  2. Click on the Tokens tab, and look for the “Download CSV” link below your list of assets.

If you are looking for a CSV* of your balance history, you can find a download link in Chorus Anthem:

  1. Visit the link above and select the Celo Network.

  2. Sign-in by entering your Valora Account Number and click Sign In

  3. View your CELO history from the Total tab, and view your cUSD history from the cUSD tab.

  4. Click Download CSV, located at the top left corner of your Portfolio section, to get a history of your balance.

*Please keep in mind that these CSV files have not been optimized for tax purposes and should be carefully reviewed before use.

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