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Transacting with Valora

Funding your account is the first step to sending money with Valora. Learn how to fund your account here.

How do I send funds from Valora?

If you are unfamiliar with sending funds in Valora, it’s helpful to read through the section on what you need to know before sending funds to and from Valora.

How to send Celo Dollars (cUSD)*:

  1. Open the Valora app and find the “Send” button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. You can choose a recipient directly if you’ve enabled Valora to access your contacts. Otherwise, you can enter another Valora user’s Account Number in the Search field, or scan the recipient’s QR code using the icon (four green squares) in the top, right corner of the app. You can also enter the recipient's phone number manually.

  3. Enter your PIN. This step is automatically skipped if you’ve recently entered your PIN.

  4. Enter the amount you wish to send. 

  5. Tap “Review” to view the details of the transaction, including the estimated fees and overall total cost of the transaction. You can also choose to add a description

  6. Confirm the details of the transaction are correct, then click “Send”.

The transaction will show on your Activity feed in your Valora Home screen, and the status will update once the transaction is completed.

Troubleshooting: If the “Review” button is disabled, you may need to wait a few moments and try again.

*Valora must be installed on the same device where you receive text messages for your phone number.

How to send CELO:

  1. Open the the Valora app, and go to Menu > CELO

  2. Click on “Withdraw CELO”. If you do not have any CELO you will need to buy it through third party providers in the Valora app or send it to your Valora account from an exchange (see steps in “How to add and withdraw funds in Valora wallet.”)

  3. Enter the address where you’d like to send CELO. The easiest way to enter it is by using the paste option (double square icon), or scanning the recipient’s QR code (four square icon).

  4. Enter the amount of CELO you want to send. If you want to send all your CELO, tap on “Max”.

  5. It’s best to double check the first four and last four digits of the address to make sure everything is correct. If any part of the address is missing or incorrect, those funds will be lost and you won’t be able to recover them. 

  6. A good rule of thumb you can follow is to send a small transaction to confirm the correct address before sending the rest of your funds.

  7. Once you’ve confirmed all the information is correct, click “Withdraw”. 

How do I request Celo Dollars (cUSD)?

You can request cUSD directly in the app from other Valora users you know:

  1. On the Home screen, click “Request”.

  2. Enter their phone number or Valora Account Number in the Search field, or scan their QR code.

  3. Enter the amount and tap “Review”.

  4. Review the request and confirm all details are correct, then click “Request”.

  5. Once they complete the request, you will receive a push notification and an activity item will appear on your Home screen. You can check all outstanding requests in the Notification section at the top of the Home screen (and send reminders, just in case).

How do I exchange between CELO and Celo Dollars (cUSD)**?

  1. Go to Menu > CELO

  2. If you have CELO and want to convert it to cUSD, tap “Sell”. Otherwise, if you have cUSD and want to convert it to CELO, tap “Buy”. This will convert between the two assets on the Celo Network, enabled from Valora.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to buy or sell, and tap “Review”.

  4. Confirm that all information is correct. You can then send your transaction at the bottom of the screen by clicking the confirmation button. The button will say “Sell” or “Buy”, depending on if you’re exchanging to cUSD or CELO.

**This feature is restricted in some countries.

How to exchange between CELO and cUSD

Can I send money to my family overseas?

With Valora you can send money to friends and family around the world. There are already a few options for cashing in and out of Valora, and availability varies by country. Please make sure your family members overseas have access to one of these options. Learn more about our current cash out options.

Why does Valora have a $500 daily transaction limit?

Valora supports Celo’s mission to create a financial system that fosters the conditions of prosperity for all.  The daily transaction limit is intended to minimize the risk that CELO and cUSD will be misused and to protect the Valora holder, including as an important fraud protection. When individuals wish to transact above this daily limit, Valora conducts KYC before lifting the restriction to identify actors who might seek to misuse the Celo platform and ecosystem.  Requests to lift this daily limit should be directed to

What is the Security Fee?

The Celo Network has minimal fees (as low as $0.001 per transaction) associated with payments to support security and speed of transactions.Celo Network fees are always displayed clearly in Valora, so there are no surprises or hidden costs. Please note there may be some charges related to third party services integrated with Valora.

I’m a merchant and would like to accept payments using Valora. How can I learn more?

Thank you for bringing Celo to your community with Valora! You can learn more about how to accept payments in the Merchant section and by checking out solutions like Celo’s Merchant Kit. Additionally you can send an email to describing you and your business for more personalized support, as there are growing resources to help merchants like you to easily accept payments on Celo using Valora.

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