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WHAT'S IN THIS ARTICLEWhat is my Account Key and why is it important?Why should I write down my Account Key?With whom should I share my Account Key?Why can’t the Valora team access my lost Account Key?

What is my Account Key and why is it important?

Your Account Key ensures that you will always have access to your Valora account. Without the Account Key, no one (not even the Valora team) can access your account balance. You can obtain your Account Key in Valora's Menu by selecting the Account Key section. You will have 7 days after you first set up Valora to write down this Account Key, after which Valora will not be usable until it is set up. This is a safety feature meant to prevent you from losing access to your funds. Remember to write down your Account Key and store it somewhere safe, where it cannot be stolen and where you will always be able to retrieve it.

Why should I write down my Account Key?

Your Account Key is the only way to restore your Valora account, and you are the only one who can access it. So, if your phone gets lost, stolen, or breaks, you will need a copy of your Account Key that is not stored on your phone. Valora also disables screenshots and copy/pasting on the Account Key screen, so remember to write it down and store it safely to ensure you can always recover your account.

With whom should I share my Account Key?

You may choose to share your Account Key with an individual you trust as a safety precaution, but do not share the Account Key with anyone unless you also trust them with your entire balance. Remember to treat your Account Key like the most important passwords you own, and imagine you did not have the option to reset them.

Why can’t the Valora team access my lost Account Key?

Valora is a non-custodial software wallet. This means that only you hold or ‘custody’ your own Account Key, and no one else can see or access this key. The Celo Network powering Celo Dollars (cUSD) is a decentralized blockchain. This means that it’s not solely owned or operated by any individual or company (such as Valora or cLabs), and recorded transactions cannot be erased or reversed. The good news is that with your Account Key, only you can restore your Valora wallet and balance.

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