Our Mission

Valora's mission is to unlock access to financial opportunity so everyone can create and share value without barriers.

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Why Valora was Built

We built Valora on the Celo blockchain to address core issues in our financial system. Valora makes money borderless, secure, and fast. Users can send money from one continent to the other in a matter of seconds with near zero fees - all through Valora.

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Our Team

We believe every person should have access to the information, education, and tools needed to build wealth. When everyone has the potential to prosper, our world will be a more supportive and interconnected place.

“The Valora team takes pride in our diversity of experiences and backgrounds. We leverage our expertise in blockchain, consumer apps, fintech, and international markets to move our mission forward.”

Jackie Bona, CEO

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Jackie BonaCEO
Marek OlszewkiProduct
Silas Boyd-WickizerEngineering
Julie JoLegal
Denisse Halm Strategy & Operations

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