10 Big Names in Sports, Culture, Music, & Tech Join Our Series A

November 4, 2021facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

Today we are announcing the support of several notable investors as part of our recent $20M Series A fundraise! Investors include:

  • Sean "Diddy" Combs

  • Carmelo Anthony’s Melo7 Tech Partners

  • Kevin Durant & Rich Kleiman’s Thirty Five Ventures

  • Larry Fitzgerald

  • Derek Fordjour

  • Danny Green’s D&R Fund

  • Andre Iguodala 

  • Nasir “Nas” Jones

  • Quincy Jones

  • Casey Neistat

These prominent cultural icons, athletes, artists, and tech investors are jumping in to help us expand our reach and introduce Valora to the masses. What their involvement says to us is that crypto (and DeFi) is a cultural revolution that is breaking well out of its niche. 

Our investors have a proven track record of community-building and empowerment initiatives that directly align with our values. On top of their strong belief in Valora’s team and innovative tech, they are passionate about playing a role in helping leverage crypto to foster financial empowerment worldwide.

"This is a giant step in the right direction, both for global financial inequality and for crypto as a whole."

Danny Green, D&R Fund and player for the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team

Currently, getting started in cryptocurrency can be complex, costly, and difficult to navigate. Valora is a mobile crypto wallet that removes these barriers and makes sending crypto as easy as sending a text. 

Our simple, mobile interface allows the 6 billion smartphone users across the globe to unlock the benefits of crypto: sending funds to virtually any phone number in the world for a fraction of a cent, getting rewards on stablecoin balances, and connecting to decentralized finance apps, all from the convenience of a mobile phone.

With this round of funding, we’re looking to create educational crypto content and, with these investors on board, put Valora’s financial tools and resources at the fingertips of more people worldwide.

We have big updates coming soon that we are excited to share with you. Beyond that, we encourage you to…

Get started with Valora by downloading the app:

  1. Download Valora from the Google Play Store or App Store 

  2. Create an account and connect your phone number  

  3. Fund your account with digital assets (cUSD, cEUR, CELO) - currently enjoy zero cash in fees in 100+ countries

  4. Now with your Valora wallet, you’ll be able to do things like: send funds globally, receive rewards on your stablecoin balance, and access decentralized finance tools on Celo

November 4, 2021

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