Get Rewarded with Crypto Weekly with Supercharge

February 14, 2022facebook-icontwitter-iconlinkedin-icon

There are few things more exciting than watching your money grow. That's why people are flocking to Crypto and DeFi even though the barrier to entry can feel fairly daunting—it’s a complex world with as much to lose as there is to gain. That’s why Valora offers Supercharge—the easiest way to grow your crypto. Because on top of being a safe, accessible, and easy-to-use digital wallet, Valora now boosts your crypto with 12% annual rewards.

"We want people to try Valora and experience the real profit potential that crypto and DeFi provide."

Here’s how it works:

  • All you need to do is download Valora, confirm your phone number, and add funds to your account to become eligible.

  • Make sure your account has the minimum required balance, then add more funds to maximize your rewards:

    • cUSD: 10 minimum and 1,000 maximum 

    • cEUR: 10 minimum and 1,000 maximum

    • cREAL: 50 minimum and 6,000 maximum

  • You’ll get rewards on one stablecoin, either cUSD, cEUR, or cREAL. To ensure you’re always getting the maximum rewards, Valora will continuously and automatically detect the stablecoin in your account with the highest value to give rewards on.

  • Valora calculates your rewards based on your average weekly balance. Each week, you’ll get your rewards by tapping the “claim rewards” button in the Valora app. You have 28 days to claim your rewards before they expire. Don’t worry, if you’re signed up for push notifications, we’ll remind you every week.

  • You can withdraw your funds and rewards at any time. 

Supercharge isn’t a gamble, it’s a secure stablecoin rewards program. That means your balance will only go up! Check out our calculator to see just how much you can make with Supercharge:

Your Rewards Calculator

Do you hold cUSD, cEUR, or cREAL?
What’s your balance?
Supercharge annual return rate
Your rewards
Your balance*
After 1 week
After 1 month

*Assuming you keep your balance and rewards in Valora

How to get rewards:

  1. Download the Valora app

  2. Connect your phone number

    • You can connect when you first set up your account or by tapping on the green 'Rewards' button and following the prompts

  3. Add funds to your account

    • Tap the menu button on the top left corner

    • Tap ‘Add & Withdraw’, then ‘Add Funds’

    • Select your preferred stablecoin and payment method

    • Deposit enough to hit the minimum required balance

    • Select a cash-in provider 

    • Follow the steps from the cash in provider to complete your purchase

  4. Claim your rewards weekly in the in-app “rewards” screen

    • We recommend turning push notifications on so that you never miss a claim cycle

It really is that simple. Your added funds in Valora will start receiving rewards at an annual rate of 12%. We call it the Supercharge Rewards Program and it’s being offered for a limited time. Why? Because we want to get people excited about using Valora and give them a boost to explore crypto and Web3. 

We believe everyone should have access to cutting-edge technologies as a means of achieving financial independence. With Supercharge, you’re getting into the exciting and innovative world of crypto with a head start (12%).

These rewards won’t last forever. So whether you’re ready to dive in headfirst or just dip a toe in, now is the most exciting (and most lucrative) time to get started with Valora.

February 14, 2022

But Wait, There's More


A Letter From Our CEO

Today, we’ve arrived at an important milestone on our journey. Valora has raised $20 million Series A from some of the world’s best investors and in the process, Valora has become an independent company.

Multiple assets on Valora and phone with the currency selector.

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Track and send even more Celo assets in Valora


Valora is covering your cash in fees–now available in the U.S.

Add cUSD without fees for a limited time.